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Gua Sha is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine used to imporve circulation and promote healing. Skincare benefits include: reduce puffiness, aid in lymphatic drainage, relieve muscle tension, tone, contour, and boost blood circulation. 


Our Gua Sha tool is green adventurine which is known as the stone for prosperity, success, abundance, and good luck. Tone your skin and bask in strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. 



Gua Sha

Suede Bag

Gua Sha Tool


Each order with a Gua Sha Tool includes full instructions to tone and contour from your spine up to the forehead. 

The short version: 


  • Holding the stone at a 15 degree angle, move/scrape with  medium pressure from the center of the face towards the edges; holding and massaging on each pass to help aid in absorption and energize skin.
  • Always use and oil or serum ensuring enough slip on the skin. We recommend our Calendula Facial Oil.
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