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Welcome to BASK 




Bask Farm grows heirlooms, microgreens, herbs, botanicals, and edible flowers year-round in rich soil, without the use of synthetic inputs or pesticides.

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Meet the Farmer

Chanel, owner-operator, Sacramento-native, nutritionist, farmer, and health advocate. 

After studying food science and chemistry at Sacramento State, I quickly realized the consequences of modern agriculture and the need for more local small farmers.  I was motivated to dive deeper into soil health, regenerative farming practices and food sustainability within our communities. 


Bask Farm was founded on the principles of nutrition, accessibility, and quality. I am committed to applying low-waste, low-resource, and natural practices to produce the freshest products from farm-to-fork.


Life Garnished

Seed-grown, organic, food-safe garnishes. 

Our Packaging

As an effort to reduce the use of plastic and minimize waste, we use 100% recyclable materials whenever we can. 


Follow us on instagram for daily behind the scenes snippets as we navigate our small farm. 




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