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Add the finishing touches with our new garnish kits! Perfect for cocktails, mocktails, charcuterie, teas, cakes, and more. Choose from a variety of curated kits per quantity needed. (x10 is enough for 10 cocktails, cupcakes, etc)  Each kit contains fresh edible flowers, herbs, and dehydrated fruit.


"Golden" - Dried orange & lime, rosemary, mix of orange, yellow, pink, red edible flowers


"Açaí" - Dried dragon fruit (pitaya), banana, mint, mix of blue & pink edible flowers


"Chai" - Dried pears & apples, cinnamon sticks, anise, mix of white & green edible flowers


"Brûlée" - Dried lemon & persimmon, thyme, mix of cream & peach edible flowers


For wholesale inquiry, contact Chanel:

Garnish Kit


All products are harvested to order, therefore, refunds, returns and/or exchanges are not available at this time. 

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