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Wow your customers and loved ones with our edible images! Choose from text, and/or color photo images printed on premium icing sheets or wafer paper with high quality edible inks.


Images are precut, made-to-order, and stores for 12 months. Store in cool, dark place, in sealed bag.

--How to Order--

1. Choose the amount of different images or text you would like per order.

2. Choose size, paper type, and quantity.

3. Add item to cart and check out.

4. Email high resolution JPEG or PNG images to Screenshots ARE NOT preferred as the resolution is too low. Photos you either took yourself or downloaded from the internet onto your phone/computer work best.


5. Photo/Video proof will be sent for approval before shipped.

Edible Image Topper


Wafer paper is a tasteless edible paper made from potato starch and olive oil and is best on white backgrounds. It is best where decoration can easily be removed before eating. Although wafer paper if completely edible, it is papery in the mouth. Wafer paper drink toppers should be stored in cool, dark place in the  bag in which they are shipped. Do not refrigerate or freeze. They will keep indefinitely however, edible inks may fade if exposed to light for extended periods.


Premium Icing Sheets are made from sugar and will store for up to 12 months. They are soft and sweet kind of like a thin fondant. These are best on cocktails and desserts that are difficult to remove before eating.  Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dark place. 


Wafer paper and Frosting sheets are vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten free, dairy free, and nut free.


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