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Our edible flower mix is seasonal and may consists of any of the following: nasturtiums, violas, calendula, marigolds, borage, impatiens, safflower, snapdragons, fireweed, hibiscus, bee balm, chrysanthemum, coreopsis, abutilon, aster, zinnias, feverfew, chamomile, Dara, spilanthes, cosmos, and bachelor button.


Food grade and grown without the use of pesticides or additives.


 Curated seasonally; garnish cocktails, desserts, candied, drying, dying, pressing, or infused for essence. 


Choose between 25ct (25-35 blossoms) or 50ct (50-60 blossom) box.


For wholesale inquiries, please contact us at

Edible Flower Mix


All products are harvested to order, therefore, returns and/or exchanges are not available at this time.

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